a Brighter Future for the Next Generation

Today, the evolution and maturation of our society inevitably involves aging demographics and a low birth rate. In a nation which is confronted by this superannuation phase ahead of its global peers, the Outlook Foundation aims to establish in the next 30 years the first model by which such a society can continue to develop and prosper, and thus present a brighter future vision to younger generations.

To achieve this goal, we must incorporate core solutions such as restructuring education, reforming our social system to effectively integrate our younger workforce and support female workers, promoting the independence of local societies and economies, revitalizing our unique local cultures, implementing an objective, direct and open information system, and rising to a higher level of communication with other nations.

We are facing these challenges, discussing the issues in depth, summarizing them in proposals, and disseminating them to the world.

Exchanges of opinions and communication inspire new ideas. As a first step, we are distributing thematic newsletters on these challenges. Your candid opinions are always welcome.

Board member


Takaji Kunimatsu
Chairman, Emergency Medical Network of Helicopter and Hospital

Chief Executive Director

Yoshio Ishizaka
Advisor, Toyota Motor Corporation

Director General

Shigeru Oe
Founding member of Grant Thornton Taiyo ASG LLC. Formerly worked as CPA


Hiroyuki Hamamura
CPTA Managing Partner, Grant Thornton Taiyo Tax Corporation

Hiroshi Ito
Managing Director, The Toyota Foundation

Michael Kawachi
CEO Charis Capital Management Ltd.

Hirochika Nishikawa
Executive Director, Organization for Workers’ Retirement Allowance Mutual Aid Keiko Sakakibara Associate Professor Department of Sociology Toyo University

Jonghak Weon
Head of Performance Evaluation Team, Center for Performance Evaluation & Management, Korea Institute of Public Finance


Miyuki Ishiguro
Attorney at Law Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu

Eriko Ishida Kawai
Professor, Graduate School of Advanced Leadership Studies, Kyoto University

Toshihiro Menju
Managing Director and Chief Program Officer Japan Center for International Exchange

Susumu Okamura
President of Education for Asian Talents

Masahiko Takeda
Professor Asian Public Policy Program School of International and Public PolicyHitotsubashi University


Tsuguoki Fujinuma
CPA, Former President of IFAC

Akio Sato
Attorney at Law Representative Director, SATO &Partners


Suzuki Takahiro
Dean/Professor, Graduate school of International Administration, Josai International University


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